I was one of the people affected by the Verizon outage earlier this week. I was trying to send a notice to my boss about running late and another to remind a friend. I kept getting a message that the text failed to send. I was getting aggravated and anxious that I was not able to get my message to its intended receiver. I thought maybe I had used up my texts, but then I remembered I have unlimited text messaging. As I drove in to work, still trying to get the messages out, I pondered the phrased unlimited. It means that something can be limited but isn’t presently, like text messaging services. The internet connection at work and home has been a little inconsistent all week, and to top it off Face Book crashed, twice. People were having melt downs over not being able to post to Face Book or use the apps.

While I was driving in to work Monday morning, God showed me that all these forms of communication are man-made and limited. They can crash, and they can fail. God, however, is not limited in anyway. He is limitless. Limitless…meaning you cannot put a limit on Him. You cannot stop him. You can always reach Him. Our connection to God through the Holy Spirit is always there and always online. There are no spots where you are out of service or don’t have any bars.  24 hours a day, 7 days a week He is there, and He is listening to us. In the storms last night, He heard our prayers even as some lost signal with the television station or cell tower. He was with us in the midst of that storm.

We spend a lot of time posting to social media, wanting to share our lives with someone, when all the time God was waiting to hear about your day, your hopes, and your fears. Maybe God was trying to get your attention by taking away your toy, like we often do to children. Not because He is mean, but because He has something important that we need to hear. So, why not take a few moments and put away your phone or tablet or 10 other electronic devices that you have and spend some time in His presence. You have a limitless plan with limitless possibilities. Why not make the most of it?


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