Little Blessings

Sometimes it is the little blessings that bring us joy and comfort at just the times we need them. One day I caught a glimpse of a fawn drinking from a misty creek on an early morning commute. It made the daily grind a little brighter. It was a small thing really, but it brought a bit of joy.

Sometimes it is a bit of companionship. Last night my cats all stayed near me, keeping me company. It was a bit of joy on a sad day. They didn’t do anything in particular. They just sat with me and purred, happy to be in my presence. Sometimes that is all someone needs, a companionable silence.

Sometimes it is a word of encouragement. If you think someone looks good today or did a good job on a project, then tell them. It might be the little blessing they need. I am not suggesting making up things to tell people because people can sense insincerity, but if you think something good, then share it. We have no problem sharing frustrations and anger, so we should not have trouble sharing good thoughts.

Sometimes it is just a simple gesture, like a smile or holding a door or helping carry a burden. When you are in line at the grocery store, smile at the cashier and wish them a good day. Give your waitress a smile and a good tip. These are little things but they can make a bad day better.

It is the little blessings that can bring joy to us and to others, so try to be more of a blessing in a world that is caught up in anger and mistrust and pettiness. This will make more of a difference to a person and possibly to the world than a rant on Facebook ever could. So, be a little blessing to someone because life is made up of a bunch of little moments and how we act in those moments eventually adds up to a lifetime.

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