Not the Mama

Several years ago there was a TV show called Dinosaurs about a family of dinosaurs. The youngest was a baby who could clearly say Mama, but when the father would try to get the baby to say Dada, the baby would point to him and say “Not the Mama.” It drove the father a bit crazy to say the least.

I have a cat named Meep who is a bit neurotic. The day I found her in my yard, a starving little thing, she bonded with me the moment I picked her up. Since then, she has refused to interact with anyone else except, on occasions, my sister. Everyone else is “Not the Mama.”

I most likely saved her life as she was tiny and starving and alone. The truth is we were all like her before we accepted Christ. We were condemned to death with no hope until he came along and saved us. He then took us in and fed us and gave us living water so that we would never hunger or thirst again. His presence is always with us so that we are never alone.

In light of such an act of love, we should look to God with the same single-minded devotion as Meep shows me. No matter who comes into the house, Meep only listens for my voice. She comes when I call, and she longs to stay at my side. She looks to me to provide for her and take care of her. She relies on me and only me. We should be the same with God. We should look to Him and Him alone for everything we need. We should listen for His voice and long to be in His presence. Everyone else should be “Not the Mama.”

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